"This benefit allows you to recover up to 82.5% of Investment expenses regarding Research & Development (R&D)"

SIFIDE aims to increase the company’s competitiveness by supporting Research and Development (R&D) permitting for deduction of incurred expenses (including Human Resources) regarding projects and respective activities, concerning IRC Tax Collection.

This benefit allows to recuperate for up to 82.5% of R&D investments, on the amount that has not been co-funded by the State through non-refundable funding, in the following manner:

Base Rate: Tax deduction applicable to total expenditures in R&D for the current year – 32.5%;

Incremental Rate: 50% increase in reference to the two previous years (up to the maximum of 1.5M€).

Relevant Investments:

  • Acquisitions of tangible fixed assets, acquired as new, and directly assigned to the R&D activities;
  • Expenditure with personnel, directly involved in tasks of research and development;
  • Expenditure with the participation of leaders and staff management of R&D institutions;
  • Operating expenses, up to a maximum of 55 % of personnel expenditure;
  • Expenditure with the hiring of research and development activities to public authorities, to entities benefiting from the status of public utility or to entities whose reputation in the area of research and development is recognized;
  • Participation in the capital of R&D institutions, and contributions to investment funds;
  • Expenditure with the registration and maintenance of patents;
  • Expenditure with the purchase of patents, mainly assigned to the performance of R&D activities (SMEs only);
  • Expenditure with audits to R&D;
  • Expenditure with demonstrations connected with supported R&D projects.

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