Public Procurement

"Public Procurement is if the utmost importance in efficient financial resource usage while enforcing control measures for public expenditure.."
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Public procurement stimulates countries’ economic development by making public administration more efficient and transparent in the acquisition of goods and services.

Our services are designed to support all entities in the various Public Procurement procedures in Portugal.

To this end, we present a range of services allowing your company to access to ongoing opportunities:

  • Monitoring of the Government platform Containing the Public Procurement opportunities;
  • Support and advisement in the preparation of the procedural documents related to the Acquisition of Goods and Services;
  • Development of proposals from the Contracting Entities;
  • Preparation of responses to requests for clarification from other entities;
  • Evaluation of the proposals received regarding the Procedure and Preparation of Evaluation Reports;
  • Performance as Contract Manager and Advisor;
  • Monitoring the execution of contracts, detecting deviations from planning and suggesting corrective actions.

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