Financial Investment Incentives

Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020 is a Financial Incentives System, based on EU funding, which allows companies to obtain reimbursements for expenses regarding investment projects for up to 40 to 85% of the invested amount (in accordance with the program which better suits company needs).

ACT Solutions is constituted by a highly skilled team, designed to support your company in all project stages, by means of the following services:

  • Monitoring services for Operational Programs, Grants and Tenders;
  • Project analysis and prior assessment;
  • Assistance and liaising with Managing Authorities and Agencies;
  • Accounting, Technical and Financial support, including reporting mechanisms;
  • Project merit and worthiness assessment;
  • Application conception and submission;
  • Project and investment reconfiguration analysis including consequent accountancy report;
  • Multifaceted financial execution monitoring;
  • Analysis, preparation and submission of payment/reimbursement requests, including accounting validation and reports;
  • Intermediary and final project reports;
  • Support and assessment preparing possible audits.

Portugal 2020  Financial Incentive System consists of several Investment typologies, able to meet the needs of the beneficiaries of each program:

  • Internationalization of SMEs – promoting business capacity building in foreign markets, aimed at increasing exports through the development of new business models, which include e-commerce solutions and digital transformation of companies;
  • Qualification of SMEs – strengthening company organizational and management capacities, intended in providing an increase in competitiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to the demands of the global market;
  • Productive Innovation supporting business innovation with the aim of producing new goods and services, adopting new manufacturing method, logistics, distribution or significantly improved processes, as well as organizational methods;
  • Individual or Co-promotion I&DT increasing business investment in Research & Innovation promoting the increase of knowledge-intensive economic activities and creation of value based on innovation through the development of new products and services;
  • Training Projects for Human Resources – strengthening training for entrepreneurs and managers to reorganize and improve management skills, as well as company workers, concerning topics and subjects associated with innovation;
  • PO SEUR contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy, based on a more efficient use of resources, supported by three strategic pillars:

Axis I – Supporting transition to a low carbon economy;

Axis II – Promoting adaptation to climate change and risk management;

Axis III – Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.

  • IFRRU – program focused on revitalizing cities, supporting physical revitalization of spaces dedicated to disadvantaged communities and supporting housing energy efficiency.

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Internationalization and Qualification

Internationalization: Designed to strengthen the international presence of SMEs, aimed to increasing exports to strategic international markets.

Qualification: aimed at strengthening company organizational and management capacities through organizational innovation, applying new methods and processes to increase the company flexibility and competitiveness.

Locations: Mainland Portugal, Autonomous Region of the Azores (Açores 2020) and Madeira (Madeira 2020).

Refund Rate: up to 45%, depending on project characteristics.

Productive Innovation

Investment support aimed at:

  • Creation of a new production unit;
  • Increasing productive capacity in existing facilities;
  • Diversification of production or global change in the production process of an establishment.

Location: Mainland Portugal, Autonomous Region of the Azores (Açores 2020) and Madeira (Madeira 2020).

Refund Rate: up to 75%, depending on the characteristics of the project.

Individual and Co-Promotion I&DT

Financial Incentive for the development of Research and Development (R&D) projects with a high technological nature, which provide transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in order to create new products, processes or systems.

Location: Mainland Portugal, Autonomous Region of the Azores (Açores 2020) and Madeira (Madeira 2020).

Reimbursement Fee:

  • Individual: up to 50%, depending on project characteristics;            
  • Co-promotion: Companies – up to 50%; Non-business entities – up to 75% (depending on project characteristics).

Training Projects for Human Resources

Incentive System aimed at supporting companies wishing to reinforce their Degree of Innovation and Competitiveness by increasing the degree of knowledge and training of their employees on topics associated with their operational activity. This support is also extendable to senior management and management staff.

Location: Mainland Portugal.

Refund Rate: up to 70%, depending on project characteristics.


Support for projects based on Sustainability and Resource Efficiency, such as:

  • Creation of waste recovery and management systems and adaptation to climate change;
  • Re-qualification of bio-waste;
  • Energy production through renewable sources and support for national infrastructures.

Location: Mainland Portugal.

Refund Rate: up to 85%, depending on project characteristics.


Incentives for Urban Rehabilitation and Energy Efficiency Conditions regarding Buildings for Housing (private individuals) or Trade and Services (Business).

Location: Mainland Portugal, Autonomous Region of the Azores (Açores 2020) and Madeira (Madeira 2020).

Hybrid Financing:

  • 50% by Means of Bank Loan with No Interests (Financed by Portugal 2020);
  • 50% Bank Loan with Interests (Specific Bank Terms).

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